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Tuesday, 04.12.2018

December opening hours




To help you fill your Christmas list
We will be open extra on Monday the 3rd, 10th and 17th of December.

Wednesday, 12.09.2018

NEW ARRIVALS: Paul Harnden Shoemakers

New Arrivals: Paul Harnden Shoemakers

Autumn/Winter 2018-19


Thursday, 23.08.2018



  Collection 009 

WHEN our minds are beset by autumn’s bluster and winter’s chills, our thoughts inexorably turn to layers. The layers of clothing with which we envelop our frames, to warm and to protect and to sculpt. And the layers of the land, the sediments laid down in the earth like a historical record by the accreted actions of ordinary men and women. This landscape is a neverending work in progress, shaped by toil, ploughed and restructured and built upon where needed. 

   We reject the unsustainable turnover of flighty fashionistas, who rework themselves in transient faddery with every passing season! Our revolution is an evolution, incremental and rugged like the very land itself! The steadfast patterns of industry and labour are our bedrock, lying beneath everything we do. The spirit of the soil imbues our palette with tones of peat and clay and slate, and permeates the very materials of our trade, the sandblasted silks, the highland wools, the waxed cottons that protect against the harsh elements. In appliquéd clusters of felted cloth, we summon up the topography of the eternal landscape and wear it on our sleeves. This is our terrain – explore it!






Saturday, 14.07.2018

NEW ARRIVALS: Stephen Venezia

Autumn/Winter 2018 now available at SONG!

Thursday, 21.06.2018

NEW ARRIVALS: Werkstatt München

New hand crafted jewelry from Werkstatt München now available at SONG.

Saturday, 09.06.2018



Aage and Kasper Würtz are an internationally sought-after father and son team of studio ceramists from Denmark.  Würtz ceramics — typically made of stoneware, occasionally of porcelain — possess a leading-edge 21st century aesthetic, yet each piece is created completely by hand, using mostly ancient wheel-turning and glazing methods. All in all, the Würtz style is simultaneously contemporary in design and archaic in the crafting. It’s been described as timeless but is also future-oriented in the way it supersedes both heavily floral traditional fine china dinner sets and early 21st century minimalist white faience.

Saturday, 09.06.2018




Wednesday, 18.04.2018


     Artist Kentaro Yamada in collaboration with perfumer Euan McCall created Neandertal Perfume. This fragrance incorporates historically and culturally significant natural raw materials. Neandertal Perfume imagines the life they could have fulfilled whilst raising questions of our own past and future. One, a darker, smokier more animalic interpretation of the concept and another brighter facet of the theme containing higher levels of lighter, delicate and fresher materials.

Now available at SONG

Saturday, 14.04.2018

NEW ARRIVALS: Song Collection

    Inspired by fashion icon Queen Elisabeth II, Song presents a modern interpretation of her 1960's wardrobe. Using vintage floral printed silk, polished cotton and discreet crystal elements, the result is an effortlessly elegant look. 
Designed by Myung-il Song and handmade in Austria.

Now available at SONG

Saturday, 24.03.2018




Friday, 09.03.2018




Friday, 09.03.2018



   Song Song presents: Luncheon, “Der aus dem Schrank springt”, a new work by Bernhard Hausegger (b. 1957, Graz, lives and works in Vienna).This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.The installation, created to be viewed from an outside perspective through a window glass, reveals a sculptural habitat created by the artist.Hausegger’s artistic practice is guided by a certain economy, renouncing smooth finishing.His material grade is never embellished, the steps of production remain visible and traces of previous owners are still clinging to the oftentimes recycled materials. Aside from references immanent to art, the logic of his sculptural practice aims to establish an architectural scenic quality, simultaneously providing its indwellers housing, pedestal and stage.

Duration: March 14th - April 14, 2018

Wednesday, 28.02.2018

New Arrivals: Paul Harnden Shoemakers SS18

Paul Harnden Shoemakers 


Now available at SONG

Tuesday, 20.02.2018


Introducing: TOOGOOD


         Sisters Faye and Erica Toogood were raised amid the furrowed fields of the English countryside. Their grandmother was a tailor who, during the War, made underwear out of parachutes.  Each garment takes inspiration from traditional workwear, transforming the idea of a uniform into a mark of individuality.
Sewn inside is an identification document, which traces its manufacture by crediting the designers and makers, with a space for the new owner's name to be added in, encouraging a sense of connection to the chain of creation.

Now available at SONG

Tuesday, 06.02.2018




Saturday, 13.01.2018


Starts today!

Tuesday, 02.01.2018


SONG SALE starts today!


Friday, 01.12.2017


SONG is open every monday in December! 

Wednesday, 01.11.2017

SONG SONG: Dirk Van Saene Exhibition

SONG SONG Gallery presents "Ceramics" by Dirk Van Saene

Tuesday, 24.10.2017

Max V. Koenig

 New Arrivals: Max V. Koenig

     Craftsmanship is at the heart of new luxury accessories brand, Max V Koenig. Designing bags of butter soft leather and nubuck, Koenig sculpts his hides by hand. By preserving the leather’s natural grain, texture and patina, and avoiding – where possible – unnecessary chemical processes, each bag is completely unique: a bespoke accessory for the twenty-first century.

Available now at SONG



Friday, 20.10.2017

Comme des Garcons Noir-Kei Ninomiya

NEW ARRIVALS: Comme des Garcons

Noir-Kei Ninomiya 

Autumn/Winter 2017-18

Available now at SONG

Paul Harnden Shoemakers AW17-18

Thursday, 21.09.2017

Paul Harnden Shoemakers AW17-18

Paul Harnden Shoemakers
Autumn/Winter 2017-18

Bundle up for the winter in the new Paul Harnden Shoemakers available now at SONG

Friday, 08.09.2017

Dries Van Noten AW17-18

Dries Van Noten 

Autumn/Winter 2017-18

Available now at SONG


Thursday, 17.08.2017

New Arrivals: Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck
AW 2017-18

Fall is upon us, please come and discover the new arrivals at SONG

Tuesday, 08.08.2017

Sara Lanzi Fall-Winter 2017-18

Sara Lanzi
Fall Winter 2017-18

The new season from designer Sara Lanzi has just arrived at Song.

Tuesday, 01.08.2017

Isaac Reina AW 2017-18

Isaac Reina
AW 2017-18

Discover the new arrivals,
available at Song

Tuesday, 25.07.2017

Cédric Charlier AW17-18

New Arrival at Song

Cédric Charlier

Song is pleased to introduce the AW 2017-18 collection of Cédric Charlier. Cédric Charlier has worked for the House of Céline, Alber Elbaz’s team at Lanvin, and Cacharel among others.
He launched his own dynamic and creative collection in 2012.

Tuesday, 18.07.2017

Spalwart Shoes AW17-18

Spalwart Shoes 

New arrivals at

Thursday, 29.06.2017

Presentation Of UNHEIMLICH

Presentation of UNHEIMLICH,

the new limited edition by WienerBlut.

Legendary nose Mark Buxton and WienerBlut creator Alexander Lauber will present a glimpse into the making of UNHEIMLICH. 

Signed bottles will be exclusively available for attendees only at SONG on Thursday 6th July 17:00-19:00

Saturday, 17.06.2017

Song Summer Sale

Song summer sale begins saturday 17th June!

Tuesday, 11.04.2017

Noir - Kei Ninomiya

Comme des Garçons

Noir - Kei Ninomiya

Spring & Summer 2017

Available now at Song

Friday, 31.03.2017

Presentation - Eau de Cologne from Astier de Villatte


Fragrance Presentation, Astier de Villatte

Please join us for the exclusive presentation of the Eau de Cologne 

Astier de Villatte


on Thursday 7th April 17:00-19:00. 


Photo: Sophie Delaporte

Tuesday, 28.03.2017

Isaac Reina SS2017

Isaac Reina

Spring & Summer 2017

Now at Song

Friday, 17.03.2017

Sara Lanzi Spring & Summer 2017


Spring & Summer 2017

Now available at Song

Friday, 10.03.2017

Dirk van Saene

Please visit us at SONG to discover the new collection of Dirk van Saene!

Thursday, 02.03.2017

Paul Harnden Shoemakers SS2017

Paul Harnden Shoemakers

Still courtesy of Paul Harnden and Stuart Pitkin.

Spring & Summer 2017

Now at Song

Thursday, 23.02.2017

Dries Van Noten SS2017

Dries van Noten

Spring & Summer 2017

Available now at Song

Thursday, 02.02.2017

Happy Valentine's Day with Song

Happy Valentine's Day
with Song

Song’s suggestions for a romantic, sensory Valentine’s Day gift

Coolife: Le Deuxieme Parfum is a olfactory articulation of love. 
WienerBlut: Hesperia is akin to opening the doors of an Orangerie. Romantic, green, with a golden citrus flow. 
Liaison de Parfum: Stay With Me consists of jasmine, orange blossom, rose and lily. A luxurious bouquet of flowers.
meo fusciuni parfum: With 2# nota di viaggio take your better half on a sensory getaway trip to Sicily.
Urban Scents: Desert Rose the perfect, timeless flower of love; the rose.

Tuesday, 31.01.2017

New Arrivals: Jupe by Jackie

New Arrivals at Song

Jupe by Jackie

Spring & Summer 2017

Thursday, 24.11.2016



Eine Hand die nach den Sternen greift

mit zwei Ringen von Thomas Hauser am Finger.

Wir präsentieren Ringe von Thomas Hauser

am Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016, 17 bis 19 Uhr.

SONG Praterstrasse 11-13, 1020 Vienna

Thursday, 03.11.2016

New Arrivals: Isaac Reina

Issac Reina


Discover new arrivals,

available now at Song


Thursday, 27.10.2016

SONG SONG: Georg Haberler Exhibition

Georg Haberler 

Song Song is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Georg Haberler.

For his second exhibition at Song Song, Haberler presents paintings based on the "Avenir Next Condensed Bold“ typeface. Playing with a dot matrix, Haberler uses layering and tone to create new emphasis on text structures. The letters lose the hard lines illuminating unseen patterns and offer new perspectives into the formal structure of typeface.

Opening: 10th November 19:00-21:00
Duration: 10th November - 21st December 2016

Thursday, 13.10.2016

New Arrivals:32 Paradis

32 Paradis

Discover simple and radical mix of coats from 32 Paradis,

available at SONG

Thursday, 06.10.2016

MEET PAULINE ROCHAS of BY COOLIFE for an exclusive fragrance launch

for an exclusive fragrance launch 

Please join us for the exclusive launch of Coolife’s fifth intoxicating scent
Pauline Rochas will be available to sign bottles!

Join us and meet Co-Founder and Creative Director of BY COOLIFE,
at SONG,
on Thursday 20th October 18:00-20:00.

Tuesday, 04.10.2016

New Arrivals:Walter van Beirendonck

Water van Beirendonck

Fall Winter 2016-17

Now at Song

Wednesday, 14.09.2016

Song Song Rainer Spangl Exhibition

Rainer Spangl
Within a Room


Song Song is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Rainer Spangl.

This is the artists’ third exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition will include small-scale paintings on canvas which Spangl continues to produce today. Spangl engages with the representation of the figure and space as a means to probe the event of viewing.

Opening: 22nd September 19:00-21:00
Duration: 22nd September - 5th November, 2016

Thursday, 08.09.2016

New Arrivals: Astier de Villatte


Astier de Villatte

Ceramics Tableware & Home Accessories

Visit us to discover our newest arrivals and the rest of the Astier de Villatte series


Thursday, 01.09.2016

New Arrivals: Dosa traveler 2016


 Dosa traveler 2016:

in memory of Mary Ellen Mark


Available now at Song


Thursday, 25.08.2016

New Arrivals: Dries van Noten FW2016-17





Fall-Winter 2016-2017


Now at Song


Thursday, 04.08.2016

New Arrivals: Noir Kei Ninomiya



Kei Ninomiya


FW 2016-17


Discover the new collection,

available at Song


Thursday, 21.07.2016

New Arrivals: Spalwart Shoes


Spalwart Shoes


New arrivals at Song


Tuesday, 24.05.2016

New Arrivals: Isaac Reina

Isaac Reina

Isaac Reina is a veteran of Hermes and the former bag designer for Maison Martin Margiela, among others. He launched his own collection in 2006.  The bags are loved for the excellent quality of their materials and their vibrant, modern styling. 

Now at SONG

Thursday, 12.05.2016

New Arrivals: Dosa




Spring & Summer 2016

Available at SONG


Tuesday, 10.05.2016

Introducing: Freudian Wood



In the world of Sigmund Freud,
"wood" stands for sexual desire in general,
and the female bosom in particular.

Building on this theme,
Freudian Wood is a milky fragrance
that captures a most intimate
and subtle skin feeling - comforting
and intruiging at once,
with animalic and lactonic notes vibrating
around a core of luscious sandalwood.

Top: Ambrette Seeds, Cypress
Middle: Cumin, Costus, Mimosa
Base: Sandalwood, Ambergris, Labdanum


Discover the new fragrance 'Freudian Wood',
available at SONG

Thursday, 28.04.2016

New in: And Re Walker SS2016

And Re Walker


Spring & Summer 2016

Now at SONG

Thursday, 21.04.2016

New Arrivals: Martiniano Shoes

Dance with Martiniano

Handmade shoes from Buenos Aires

Available at SONG

Thursday, 14.04.2016

New Arrivals: Noir


Spring & Summer 2016

Now at SONG

Thursday, 07.04.2016

Introducing Jupe by Jackie

New collaboration Jupe by Jackie at SONG

'Jupe by Jackie, established in 2010 by Dutch fashion designer Jackie Villevoye, thrives through its ultimate attention to detail. Collaborating permanently with master embroiderers in the Indian province of Uttar Pradesh,
Jupe by Jackie distinguishes itself through its hand embroidered designs.' 

-Jupe by Jackie

Thursday, 24.03.2016




"The oldest fine leather goods house in the world since 1829."


Now at SONG

Friday, 11.03.2016

Paul Harnden Shoemakers

Spring & Summer 2016

Now at SONG

Friday, 04.03.2016

Veronique Branquinho


Discover the new arrivals,

available at SONG


Tuesday, 01.03.2016

Walter Van Beirendonck 2016

Walter Van Beirendonck. SPRING SUMMER 'ELECTRIC EYE', now at SONG

Thursday, 25.02.2016

Dries van Noten SS 2016

SS16 New Arrivals, now at SONG

Friday, 11.12.2015

New opening hours


From January 1st, 2016, Song will be open

Tuesday - Friday, 10 - 19:00

& Saturday 10 - 18:00


Tuesday, 10.11.2015

YALI Murano


The YALI Murano Glass collection is designed by MarieRose Kahane and hand blown at the Nuova Biemmeci Furnace on the island of Murano, where highly-skilled maestro Stefano Mattielo and his team use tools and techniques that are centuries old.

Now at SONG
Saturday, 31.10.2015






Now at SONG
Tuesday, 13.10.2015



Tuesday, 06.10.2015

32 Paradis

AW15, Now at Song

Monday, 28.09.2015


Song introduces the And Re Walker AW 2015 Collection 

Learn about the quintessential designer's designer in this article:


Monday, 14.09.2015

Noir AW15

Noir Kei Ninomiya
by Commes des Garçons 
AW15 now at SONG

Monday, 07.09.2015

Paul Harnden Shoemakers

AW15 Collection, now at SONG

Monday, 24.08.2015


The DELVAUX BRILLANT, new AW15 Colors, now at SONG

Monday, 17.08.2015

Dries Van Noten

AW15 First Arrivals, now at Song

Monday, 10.08.2015

Gregor Eichinger: The Keeper

The Keeper is your discreet confidant.

Limited edition Rings, designed by the architect responsible for the SONG interior.

Monday, 03.08.2015

Martiniano Shoes

Martiniano Shoes

Monday, 27.07.2015

Piet Hein Eek New Arrivals

Now at Song: New Piet Hein Eek

Saturday, 11.07.2015


Veronique Branquinho

 Now in SONG 

Saturday, 04.07.2015

At SONG: Dosa Traveler Collection

The Dosa Traveler Collection, now at Song

Monday, 29.06.2015

Ketevane Maissaia

Ketevane Maissaia's Footwear: Perfect handmade loafers that zip together. Now available for women in a variety of colors at Song.


Wednesday, 17.06.2015

Summer Sale

Summer Sale Starts 20 June

Saturday, 09.05.2015

New at SONG: Jupe By Jackie Ties

Exclusive at SongJupe By Jackie Ties

HAND Embroidered


FINEST Materials


Sunday, 03.05.2015

New at SONG: Lock & Co. Hatters

 A selection of summer hats from the United Kingdom's finest hatmaker Lock & Co.  Pictured is the renowned Montecristi Folder. The superfine Montecristi is hand-woven by over 45 Ecuadorian artisans and takes up to 4 months to perfect, making it one of the most sought-after styles. It is a classic hat that fares well in hot climates thanks to its wide brim and ability to be folded up for travelling.

Thursday, 23.04.2015

Exhibition: Walter Holzer

Opening: 8th May 19:00 - 21:00

Song Song is pleased to present an exhibition of photographs by Walter Holzer.  

Walter Holzer has lent many art works from his collection to international exhibitions. Indeed, the Holzer collection was the subject of an entire show at the Hubert Winter Gallery in Vienna in 2007.  But the exhibition 'Wabi Sabi (Almost)' will be the first in which Holzer presents his own work: a body of photographs that he has been creating for years.

Thursday, 16.04.2015

Isaac Reina SS15

 Isaac Reina: Spring Summer 2015 

Thursday, 02.04.2015

Veronique Branquinho

New arrival:

Veronique Branquinho SS15

Thursday, 26.03.2015

Limited Opportunity : Custom Shoes from LA Flaunting for SONG

From Monday 23rd March until Wednesday 25th March, LA Flaunting designer Leonard F. Kahlcke will be at SONG providing custom measurements for the order of LA Flaunting for Song shoe models. 

 To make an appointment for a fitting and place an order, please call the shop at +43 1 532 2858. 

Thursday, 19.03.2015

TOTALLY NEW at SONG: Comme Des Garçons NOIR Kei Ninomiya

The newest label in the CDG Empire, available for the first time outside of the Dover Street Market shops.

Thursday, 05.03.2015

Paul Harnden Shoemakers

Paul Harnden Shoemakers SS15 has arrived at Song.

Dries van Noten SS/15

Thursday, 12.02.2015

Dries van Noten and more new arrivals

New Arrivals
AF Vandevorst, Dries van Noten, Veronique Branquinho, and more

SONG Presents: Myung il Song for Lobmeyr

Saturday, 20.12.2014

Myung il Song for Lobmeyr

 "My intention with this design was to create a jewel-like vessel for the champagne, that felt like a jewel inside the hand. I also enjoy the way it sits on a table; it is feminine and substantial, and it refracts the colours of the champagne almost like a chandelier does the light." 

Thursday, 11.12.2014

Just in time for Christmas: Comme des Garcons new fragrances

NEW PERFUMES from Comme des Garcons

Monocle Scent One Hinoki

The inspiration for this fragrance comes from a perfectly still, slightly chilly spring morning spent soaking in a tub at the Tawaraya in Kyoto.

It pulls together our memory of the mosses and trees outdoors and sharp notes of the boxy, hinoki tub.

Monocle Scent Two Laurel

"We wanted to capture the same smell and sensation enjoyed while staying with friends in Batroun, Lebanon. It's warm, inviting and at times a little sharp - just like the country." says Monocle editor in chief Tyler Brûlé

Blue Encens

A bold fusion of mystical incense and
crushed Artemisia contrasted with blazing
frozen spices.

Blue Santal

An iced, cooling Australian sandalwood 
accompanied with warm pine notes and
sharp juniper berries.

Play Black

Design by not designing.
No design is design.
The prototype is strong.
Absence of concept is creation.

Luxe Pyramid

In the Ganjam district of the state of Orissa in India is found one of the finest examples of the mythical flower champaca, a primitive flowering plant belonging to the magnolia family. Famous for being used in Hindu ceremonies and by Balinese dancers, champaca keeps its fragrance long after having been picked.

Cologne series 4: Vettiveru

18th Century alchemy back by popular demand

Italian Bergamot, Cardamon Oil, Neroli Oil,

Vetiver of Haiti, Cedarwood, Musk.

Incense series 3: Avignon, Jaisalmer, Kyoto, Zagorsk
Incense, to make one dream of a spiritual
journey across the world's historical centres.
An evolution of time and space.

Monday, 08.12.2014

Perfumes from WienerBlut

 Presenting the Belle Epoque Edition, six new fragrances from Vienna perfume-maker WienerBlut. 

 WienerBlut came to life in 2008 in Vienna.  The original program was based on the deconstruction and revitalization of historic formulas. 

 The bottles of the Belle Epoque Edition are made by a glass-blowing process invented in the late 19th Century.  The artisanal production gives each bottle its own unique charm.

The caps of this series are made of bakelite.  Bakelite is a non-petroleum precursor of modern plastic.  It was valued in the Belle Epoque for its smooth touch and warm feel.  Due to the cost of production, it is seldom found anymore, and original examples are highly prized. 

The perfumes of WienerBlut vary in character, from pop, fresh citrus to dramatic and brooding.  But one thing they all share is an abundance of natural, raw materials, which evolve uniquely in reaction to the chemistry of each individual. 

Wednesday, 19.11.2014

Opening Tomorrow: Hillebrand van Kampen

Song Song is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Hillebrand van Kampen (b. 1945, The Netherlands).  

For his second exhibition at Song Song, van Kampen presents paintings of rustic interiors.  The paintings are made on embroideries that the artist collects from flea markets throughout Holland and Belgium.  The embroidery functions as the painting’s ground, and it structures the image.

The paint, by turns, articulates or erases the embroidered forms: the viewer looks in on a conversation between the painter and a modest little corner of history.

Carpet from Private0204

Sunday, 26.10.2014

Privat 0204 Carpets

Vintage hemp carpets, revitalized by hand, washed in the sea, organically dyed.

Astier de Villatte

Monday, 20.10.2014

Astier de Villatte: New Arrivals

Astier de Villatte: New Arrivals

Let Them Believe

Friday, 26.09.2014

Friday, 3 October: Paul Harnden Exhibition Opening

Song Song is proud to present an exhibition of photographs by renowned clothing- and furniture-maker Paul Harnden, together with a 16mm film produced by Harnden and Stuart Pitkin.  
The short film Let Them Believe (2014), by Paul Harnden and Stuart Pitkin, will be screened at 19:30 and 20:30.
Both artists will be present at the event.


Let everything that’s been planned come true
Let them believe
And let them have a laugh at their passions
Because what they call passion actually is not some emotional energy
But just a friction between their souls and the outside world
And most important let them believe in themselves
Let them be helpless like children
Because weakness is a great thing and strength is nothing
When a man is just born he is weak and flexible
When he dies he is hard and insensitive
When a tree is growing it is tender and pliant
But when it is dry and hard it dies
Hardness and strength are death’s companions
Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being
Because what has hardened will never win.

Bags from the Issac Reina AW14 Collection

Monday, 01.09.2014

Isaac Reina AW14 Bag Collection

Isaac Reina is a veteran of Hermes and the former bag designer for Maison Martin Margiela, among others. He launched his own collection in 2006.  The bags are loved for the excellent quality of their materials and their vibrant, modern simplicity.