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John Alexander Skelton

Monday, 31.01.2022


Collection XI


Tuesday, 14.12.2021


Explore cashmere trows, linen guest towels, bathroom towels, tablecloths and many more!


Friday, 16.10.2020


Walter Van Beirendonck. WINTER 2020-21 W:A.R. 'WALTER ABOUT RIGHTS'

“This collection is about having the possibility to be free to enjoy
beauty. It was important to make a statement about that because I think
that during the last [few] years, we really have less and less
freedom—everything is so sensitive.”

Explore the colorful and rebellious world of Wlater Van Beierndonck in his new Fall collection. 

Paul Harnden Shoemakers A/W 20-21

Friday, 09.10.2020

Paul Harnden Shoemakers AW20-21

Autumn/Winter 2020-21 


'I'LL WEAR IT UNTIL I'M DEAD' the SONG fashion archive book

Tuesday, 22.09.2020


I'll wear it until I'm dead is the ultimate insight into the exclusive and avant-garde wardrobe of Myung-il Song. 

Myung-il Song is a South Korean fashion and art collector and the founder of the legendary fashion, art and interior design store 'SONG' in Vienna. Over the past 21 years, she has built an unpublished fashion collection and her shop - which combines edgy design and up-and-coming artists - quickly became the most popular platform for avant-garde fashion and art in the city. Song combines personality with exclusivity variety with an individual approach. 

With this artfully published book, Lannoo Publishers is showing the incredibly rich SONG fashion archives to the outside world for the very first time. The collection includes unique pieces by Dirk Van Saene, Martin Margiela, Walter Van Bairendonck, Dries Van Noten, Bernhard Willhelm, Stephen Jones, Kei Ninomiya, Paul Harnden Shoemakers and Balenciaga. Each piece or subcollection has been rephotographed by internationally renowned photographers Ronald Stoops, Maria Ziegelböck and Dan Hawkins and is published for the very first time together in a surprising design. 

The book itself is a creative collaboration between designer and artist Dirk Van Saene (1 of the famous 'Antwerp Six'), acclaimed fashion make-up artist Inge Grognard, fashion photographer Ronald Stoops and graphic designer Paul Boudens. Together and behind the scenes, they formed the beating heart of the Antwerp fashion scene. They have worked with just about every Antwerp designer. It is therefore no surprise that the book contains exclusive contributions by Martin Margiela, Paul Harnden, Stephen Jones, Dries Van Noten and numerous other designer. 

The result is a surprising retrospective book with the ultimate vestmental inspiration and the wilfulness of an avant-garde oeuvre and has everything it takes to become a cult book in modelling literature.

Announcement! Summer-Break!

Wednesday, 19.08.2020


Song will take a short but relaxing summer break. We will close the Shop from 25. - 29. of August.

We are happy to see you again, with regained strength and energy on September 1.

We hope you all enjoy the warm days just like us!
- Your Song Team

New brand of art, crafts, fashion and perfumery

Tuesday, 19.05.2020

NEW BRAND: Alguien

SONG is excited to announce to arrival of the new brand Alguien. 

Alguien is born with the purpose of uniting several worlds: art, crafts, fashion and perfumery.

Crafts understood as a form of creation and elaboration, and as a way of preserving traditional factories and manufacturing. Contemporary Art is a very important part of the project, both as a source of inspiration and aesthetic reference, as well as through the collaboration with plastic artists.

Their philosophy is based in the fusion of the old and the contemporary and in how, through tradition, something new can be created.

Perfumer H London

Tuesday, 12.05.2020

NEW BRAND: Perfumer H

SONG is excited to announce the arrival of the new brand Perfumer H.

Perfumer H sees British perfume maker Lyn Harris giving insight into her craft for the first time. Relentless in her pursuit to create beautiful fragrances that resonate life and are refined and integral to her own personal style. 

An uncompromised desire to pioneer naturals back into perfumery was the start of her olfactory journey and today the effortless ease with which she uses her materials within her creations leads to aromatic landscapes that represent individuality and transport you from within. 

One style, one vision: An olfactory dream.

Now available at Song!

Wednesday, 15.04.2020

Piet Hein Eek New Arrivals

New Arrivals,


Featuring 3m long banquet table, antique chairs and metal modular coffee table

Tuesday, 14.04.2020

New Arrivals: Stephen Venezia

Stephen Venezia SS20 "Lido"

Now available at Song!

"The Woman who walks at the Lido, is a woman who treads the famous red carpet in a long dress and décolleté with dizzy heels, as well as a woman walking on a peach with a pareo and flat sandals."

STEPHEN VENEZIA is a shoes luxury brand devoted to research and design.
The brand was founded by Francesco Bertollo, a passionate of shoes who attended the prestigious technical institute “ArsSutoria” in Milan.
Today the artistic director is Stefano Bertollo, graduated at the technical institute and specialized by working with several world famous designers.
He creates his own collection by looking at womanliness with an ironic and geometric eye.
The design has deep roots in passionate work and respect for tradition, but is always looking for innovation in structure and shapes.

These shoes are a must-have for self-confident, unconventional, ironic and strong women.

Wednesday, 11.03.2020




Hidden away in the Swedish forests of Småland,

under the low winter sun, lies the workshop and home of Hoisaki,

a design studio that crafts handmade artisanal hats

using traditional millinery techniques.

Saturday, 07.03.2020


Dirk Van Saene SS20 collection in store now!


Dirk Van Saene is a fashion designer, artist and instructor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp. Van Saene began selling his designs in his Antwerp shop, Beauties and Heroes, in 1981. Two years after opening the shop, he won the gold medal at Belgium's prestigious Gouden Spoel contest. Four years later, he presented his collection in London as a member of the "Antwerp Six", along with Walter Van Beirendonck, Dirk Bikkembergs, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten and Marina Yee. Van Saene has enjoyed wide recognition, and is cited as a formative inspiration to a generation of younger designers. He maintains a small company and scale of production, distributed through a limited selection of shops worldwide. Van Saene lives and works in Antwerp. In addition to designing collections under his name, he maintains the shop Walter, together with Walter van Beirendonck.

Wednesday, 04.03.2020


Bergfabel embodies timeless silhouettes, impeccable tailoring and meticulous attention to detail. Inspired by the designer, Klaus Plank’s, childhood home in the mountains of South Tyrol, he uses traditional fabrics and silhouettes. The shapes, while classic in inspiration, are very modern. He is focused on artisanal production and hand finished details; through much of his collection Plank uses a very special cotton that whispers in the wind and is incredibly soft light to wear. Perfect for the Spring months ahead.

Friday, 28.02.2020

Sara Lanzi New Arrivals

Self-taught Perugia-based designer Sara Lanzi is known for her classic, understated and structured aesthetic.

But there is a crack in Sara Lanzi’s strictness, and that’s where the light gets in.

For S/S20, this rings especially true. This season, her love for raw materials translates to vibrant prints,

raffia detailing and checked sundresses.

Friday, 21.02.2020


Paul Harnden, a self–described alchemist, is a dedicated master of threads, weaves and construction. His extraordinary, imaginative skill produces pieces from another world, a world otherwise lost, a world otherwise undiscovered. Having started as a shoemaker over 30 years ago, Harnden’s passion for traditional, handcrafted techniques is evident throughout his collections. Whimsical yet tough, his works of art attract zealous devotees. Available in only a handful of stores worldwide, alongside his unsurpassed craftsmanship, Harnden’s Holy Grail status is fixed.

The long awaited Spring/Summer 2020 collection has arrived including a speciality piece featuring the shibboleth "NON VIOLENT EXTREMIST."


Friday, 14.02.2020

New Exhibition: "Such Wet Eyes" - Francis Ruyter

Such Wet Eyes

Francis Ruyter

14.2.20 – 14.3.20


Francis Ruyter works with the topic of pictures and the process of looking at them. He recently began using watercolours in order to work through ideas and images quickly which carry different relationships to light than his other works. In this presentation he uses photos of the location itself, including the shop’s Instagram feed as source material to develop a series of pictures that waver between various modes of recognition. 


When we look at things we run very quickly through a number of quick identifying questions. Do I know this? Have I seen this before? Is this relevant to me? Do I want this? We scan quickly and if information checks out, we might take a closer look. Colour tends to reach us faster than other information, and the kind of light with which that colour is delivered to us can alter our understanding of what we see. 


With technologies, come more tools to find what it is we are looking for or where we might fit in. It might not be clear why something is making us look, but something we have noticed elsewhere is making us pay attention now. In all of these processes, we might have more in common with machines than we realize. Marketing of course is built upon this, but at the same time we think of our personal choices being very individual and in fact deeply linked to our identity. How do we keep people interested in seeing with their human eyes and not their machine vision?


Francis Ruyter is an American artist who lives and works in Vienna.  


Thursday, 05.12.2019

NEW DESIGNER: John Alexander Skelton

John Alexander Skelton is a recent graduate from the

prestigious MA Course at Central Saint Martins, where

his revered collection took the prize during London

Fashion week. Skelton’s work stems from an extensive

interest in the socio-political and the effect it has on

fashion and culture within specific contexts and an

obsession with the concept of class, past and


His recent collections have been inspired by themes

as diverse as the cotton trade between India and

Britain in the 1930s to traditional British 19th - century

folk theatre and medieval pagan rituals. His tailoring

evokes deconstructed versions of 19th - century

menswear such as voluminous frock coats and highwaisted


An underlying and paramount facet to John Alexander

Skelton’s work is sustainability. Using repurposed

cloth from existing clothing, utilising recycled fabrics

such as antique bed sheets and old grain sacks, often

found in markets, weaving wools from British fleece,

knitting yarn from rare breeds of British sheep and

naturally dyed and naturally finished materials. He

customises these materials through hand-dying, overwashing,

painting and patching to create garments

inspired by his research into the past, traditional

craft, heritage, politics and a step towards an entirely

autonomously made collection.

New brand of beautiful knitwear

Thursday, 24.10.2019

NEW BRAND: Leorosa

SONG is excited to announce to arrival of the new brand Leorosa.

Leorosa was founded in 2019 by Paolina Leccese and Julian Taffel with the intention to create a renewed type of heritage brand with knitwear as the core product and the belief that quality should never be compromised. All of the pieces are made with love in Italy using Italian wool and cashmere yarns. The designers favour bold colours and classic silhouettes when designing what they consider a 'modern essential item'. While the product is inspired by traditional essentials, the always add a contemporary lens to what we design and for the aesthetic to be ageless. The goal is to make clothes that can be worn and passed down through generations.


Julian and Paolina met in 2013 while studying at Parsons School of Design in New York. Julian is Japanese-American and was born and raised in New York, where he lives. Paolina is German-Italian, born in Cologne, and currently based between Milan and Cologne. the name of the brand is a portmanteau of their middle names, Leo and Rosa.