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Opening: 8 May, 19-21h.  

Song Song is proud to present an exhibition by Andrea Witzmann (b. 1970, Vienna)

“In the Wealth of Time” is a series of photographs taken during a sojourn in New York City in 2011.  
As a photographer, Witzmann’s achievement has been to capture the moment that feels timeless, the instant which appears constant, a kind of “long now.”  Although her photographs are populated by architectures, objects, and figures, her major subject is changelessness itself, its various degrees: for like absolute zero, absolute changelessness is likewise a theoretical fiction, which this work can be said to evoke indirectly.

Thus insulated, in New York Witzmann’s camera has penetrated the layer of energy, pressure, and flux that enwraps the city that never sleeps.  Underneath, she has uncovered an impassive, painterly stillness, to gaze upon which is to contemplate deep history, mortality, and the possibility of nothingness.

Andrea Witzmann has exhibited widely in Austria and abroad, including Fotohof Salzburg (2013), Museum der Moderne Salzburg (2008), Austrian Cultural Forum, New York (2008), and Camera Austria (2007), among many others.