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   Song Song is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Coco Fronsac. Born in Paris in 1962 into a family of artists, Coco Fronsac is a proteiform artist who first graduated in Applied Arts before working as a lithographer for many years. Her passion for poetry, words, Primitive arts and the Surrealist spirit fuel her works which she creates through an impressively wide range of mediums: collage, assemblage, sculpture,  painting, weaving, colorisation and juxtaposition.

  An avid collector of portraits and photographs of mostly anonymous subjects, she gives them a second life through her works. She thus creates a series that follows the same never-ending sources of inspiration, whilst remaining singular, to constitute the essence of her pictorial universe. Through evocative, humorous and strongly referenced titles, her work rises questions on memory and identity: Born under X, Death will not know anything, Memory Holes, Chimeras and Wonders.

  Coco Fronsac explores a myriad of different worlds, each of them being an invitation to enter her dreamlike and timeless universe. Like a cabinet of curiosities, her creative universe mingles different cultures and times, with wit and fantasy, thus giving birth to the "fantastic", or the                « Merveilleux », as André Breton put it.

    A worthy heir to the DADA spirit, Coco Fronsac plays with our vision of time and our relationship to the Other in order to transport us into a new reality; a fluctuating, alive, abstract reality. She lives and works in Paris. This is the artist’s first exhibition with the gallery.

Opening: 4th of April 19.00