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Plastron, made out of white gloves: Vintage white kid leather gloves are sewn together to create a halter top. Spring-summer 2001
Jacket and belt covered with gaffer tape, Autumn-Winter 2005/2006
Waistcoat made with metro posters: Advertising posters of the Paris metro are reworked and pasted together to create a bolero waistcoat for women. Spring/Summer 1990

Jacket made with wigs, Autumn/Winter 2005-2006
Waistcoat made with playing cards, Spring- summer 2006
Coat made out of chapka fur hats, Autumn-Winter 2005/2006
Sweater made out of socks, Autumn-winter 1991/1992
Jacket made out of vintages necklaces, Spring-Summer 2006

Blouse made out of little dresses, Autumn-Winter 2006/2007
Cape made out of wool hats, Autumn-Winter 2004/2005
Jacket made with sandals, Spring-Summer 2006
Ring, Autumn-Winter 2004/2005

From Maison Martin Margiela

For this, our first ever exhibit in Austria, we are very happy that it should be at Song Song, the exhibition space linked to Song, one of our most important and longest standing points of sale in the country.

For this exhibition, we have focused on the essence of our creative process since our beginnings in 1988, our Artisanal Collections for Men and Women.

The transformation of existing materials, objects and garments has been an important engine for ideas for us and, for this exhibition, we are very happy to present a selection of the more emotionally and creatively important pieces we have created over the years to the present day.



The Artisanal Collections


Since its beginnings in 1988, Maison Martin Margiela has continued to find garments, accessories, used and sometimes new objects across the globe.

That these garments and objects may be given a second life whilst respecting and maintaining the traces of the passage of time and use remains one of the keystones of the creative expression of the House.

Each garment is reworked entirely by hand at the atelier of the House in Paris.

The complexity and specificity of each step of such a creative process of transformation will naturally limit the quantity of garments produced. The individuality of the materials used to create each garment ensures that each is as unique as that which was used to create it. The label, numbered 0 for women and 0/10 for men is either sewn in, embossed or stamped depending on the material used to create the garment or accessory.

Since the collection for spring /Summer 2006 these pieces are exclusively available at seven of the Maison Martin Margiela shops around the world. Each month one new theme is introduced for each Women and Men.