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For Marina Faust's exhibition "Im Raum bei Song," the gallery was filled with secondhand chairs of all shapes and sizes, which had been outfitted with wheels and handles for pushing them about. The chairs had aesthetic merit of a sort, but they didn't exactly look like sculpture; this is but one of the questions they raised about where to situate them as objects--art, or what? The opening made this intention clear, as the room full of people talked, looked, sat, and rolled each other about, bumping each other, scuffing and spilling wine on a floor that was left as it was for the exhibition’s duration.


Was the opening of "Im Raum Bei Song" a presentation or an installation of objects, or was it a performance by the show’s viewers? In fact it had something of each but was contained by none. A liminal event, it served as a reminder of the narrow set of circumstances by which something is defined as "art" at all--an observation that is very artistic indeed.