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It’s Not a Finger

Michele Bubacco


The series entitled “Prova d’Orchestra”, painted on 33s record covers, developed during a recent journey of the artist in Palermo. 

Strolling around the typical Palermitan local markets, as a kind of propitiatory walk before work in his atelier, Bubacco casually chances upon old LPs - which are cheap there and in great abundance. He is struck by the images portrayed on them, often photographic and figurative, and often based on the clichés of the style and period in which the album was made. 

Using these images as a starting point for his research, the artist saves some fragments, using them as a linchpin to redirect the painting outcome to an imaginative improvisation, still figurative, but throwing off the balance to new improbable associations and meanings. 

Through his intervention, Bubacco succeeds in combining a variety of images from very different epochs, styles and geographical origins, creating an unexpected form of continuity, an odd allegory of the human condition. 

In the way in which different cultures find a form of rowdy harmony in the Palermitan markets and squares, this series of works becomes the development of a representational score for an improbable prova d’orchestra.